Conservation work in Anagach Woods

Sunday 2nd - Sunday 9th September 2007
Grantown on Spey, Scotland

Panormic photo of the main lake, showing it significantly overtaken by reeds.
The lake has a problem with reeds!

Photo showing a raft made of two canoes with a platform of timber and netting, loaded with reeds and being unloaded by hand at the edge of the lake.
Piers, Dan and Anna unloading the raft.

Dan rounds up escaped reeds while Piers and Anna go back for more.

Photo of a narrow ditch from the edge oth the lake, through the marshy ground to the open water.
We dug a ditch to let the burn flow into the lake.

Another ditch drains part of the wood.

Photo of the two ditches joining.
Junction of ditches.

Photo of a spruce tree with lower branches trimmed off.
We pruned the low branches to open up the view from the path.

The spiria bushes had to be cut back. The bonfire kept us warm!

Sarah and Mark

Photo of the woodland, showing scots pine amongst blaeberry bushes.
The woods are an open mix of native trees and shrubs

Photo of the lake
There are still a lot of reeds left!