Skiing - New Year 2007

Dad, Mum and James on the platform at Ashford International
Waiting at Ashford International

Eurostar pulls in alongside a platform of eager skiiers
Here comes the train

Dad and James on the train in a tunnel under Lille
Dad and James on the train

Dad and Earl on the train in a tunnel under Lille
Dad and Earl on the train

The cafe wouldn't serve just hot drinks, so we ate our lunch in the snowstorm outside.
Lunch half way down Mount Bisanne

Outside the appartment, looking towards the town centre

Snowy fields behind the appartments

Milling in the ski school

View from a high piste over the adjacent snowcovered mountains, forests and valleys
Classic chocolate-box scenery

Lunch on Mount Bisanne

View from the top of Mount Bisanne down to the nearby steel town

James and Mary on Mount Bisanne

James lies on the ground
James recovers after a bad time on the steep button lift

James asleep in the appartment, crashed on a bed in the living room
James recovers after a hard day's skiing

Mary, Peter and James


James preparing to descent a red piste

Earl off piste in the setting sun

Morning over the Espace Diamand

Panoramic photograph of the pistes, forests and mountains
Joanna at the top of Mount Bisanne

Joanna and sunset from the Chard du Beurre

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